Your city is coming to Cardano

Be the owner of a limited edition unique city card! There are only 26,567 one-of-a-kind cities to be collected - which one will you get? Be sure to get yours in the next drop!

After 6 drops, the limited edition collection is sold out. Stay tuned for news about our future plans.

Cardacity cards

Before Goguen

Limited edition cards


26,567 unique cards - one for each city. These limited edition cards won't be available later on, so this is the only chance to get them.


We will do multiple drops to give everyone a chance to get a city. The price per card will increase in later drops, so grab a card as soon as you can!


This is not a pre-sale event! When you purchase a card it will be automatically randomized, minted and sent to your wallet.

After Goguen

Collect and trade the cities you’re passionate about

Collect & trade

Collect cities (with different rarities) by purchasing packs or by trading with other players in the marketplace.

Earn rewards

Dynamic limited time events will allow you to trade select cities for special rewards and rare cards through honeycomb-shaped puzzles. The possibilities are endless, so make sure to build a portfolio of varied cities.

The process

Want to get your hands on a city?


Wait for a drop date

There will be a series of drops until all the 26,567 limited edition cards are taken. Prices will increase in subsequent drops, so make sure to get in early!

Claim your cities

When the timer reaches zero, a limited amount of randomized cities will be up for grabs - first come, first served. To get one or more cities, follow the instructions in the store page.

Collect your cities

After transferring the exact amount stated in the store page, you can expect your cities in your wallet in a couple of minutes. However, in case of a lot of traffic it can take up to a couple of hours. Share the cities you got with the community and with us on Twitter (@cardacitynft)!


Trade your cities with other people in the community! These cards will be extremely valuable and rare when we get to the full game. While you wait, keep an eye on this website and our socials where we'll be posting about our progress!


Still have questions?

What is Cardacity?
Cardacity is a blockchain NFT project built on Cardano. In Cardacity, you collect native tokens in the form of trading cards for real-life cities. When the platform is launched you'll be able to buy packs with randomized cards according to their rarity; trade cards with other players in a dedicated marketplace; solve puzzles with your cities to earn rarer cards and other rewards.
How many card rarities are there?
The main game will have cards in three rarities: uncommon, common and rare. Each city will have a specific rarity depending on some factors (e.g. size, popularity, etc.). Later on, we will have special limited-time cards for certain real-life events. Before the launch, however, we are minting a limited edition 1/1 card for each city.
How many cities are in the game?
26,567 cities.
How do I get a city?
You will be able to purchase one or more Cardacity limited tokens during one of our drops coming soon. During a drop and if there are still cities available, you simply need to transfer the stated amount of ADA to a given address and the tokens will be sent to your wallet.
You will also be able to get the regular cards when we launch the game later on, by purchasing packs or by buying specific cards from other players in the marketplace.
IMPORTANT: The receiving address MUST be from a Shelley era wallet, such as Daedalus, Yoroi, AdaLite, Nami, etc.
How do I know if a Cardacity NFT is legit?
The limited edition tokens are all minted under the following Policy ID: f456dbdd3629be1e138699419ed4f9fe0bcd70cc473b149d658f0f10
What are my chances of getting a specific type of card?
For the limited edition 1/1 launch cards:
  • Capitals: 0.7%
  • Population
    • XS: 2.4%
    • S: 27.0%
    • M: 53.5%
    • L: 14.4%
    • XL: 2.7%
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